Monday, March 22, 2010

Fancy Requests

Dear Diary,
Busy..Busy..Busy..Busy-Ass day today..So many Errands to many calls to make..too many to return.

I actually got up late for work today as i slept too late last nite i didn’t get my req’d 7 hours..Luckily, i still made it in time for work..(in time here just means before my boss)

Because i’m preparing for lots of events, planning lots of projects, involved with lots voluntary work with various instituitions, i have found myself with lots of responsibilities and engagements which often translates to my phone line constantly buzzing at all hours of the clock..Meetings(lots of em), and just things to do.

Today, i really just wanted to spent time with ME and that means..all phone calls were suspended..lap top took some time off..and really the essence of this was checking and making sure what i’m doing now is what i wanna do..and based on a write up i read earlier on today, i realize that sometimes, we have requests and we’r clear about what we want (at least so we think) but we are not ready to deal with the consequence of what we ask for..

For example, Ehi wants to be a HUGE media icon & mogul but she’s too shy to give a press know what i say to that? SHE AINT READY!
Bimbo wants to be a millionaire but hates attention..and you know what i tell her? SHE AINT THERE YET.

So, at the end of my quiet time, i was able to embrace , welcome and accept the constant phone calls, numerous meetings..long hours..constant attention..travelling around the world..personal chaperon..the whole works! Because i cant just accept one part of the deal and pass up on the other half..the treat and the effect are part & parcel of each other..they roll together.
As long as you cant embrace the consequence of a certain desire, its a FANCY REQUEST not a REAL REQUEST.

Yours Truly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie


Omon said...

Hmm ..first time initial reactions/feelings ?.. GOOD !!! really impressed sistah !..keep the flag flying..ur doin us proud !

Omon said...

True talk Bourgy babe (lol)..I don't think we really think about the consequences of having the things we wish for !! For example..I want a Lamborghini (I know I will get it!) ,..but I don't know if I've thought about the consequences of owning that ride ?! all that attention ?..hmm HELL YEAH ! BRING IT ON !!!!