Saturday, March 20, 2010

We Are All Connected

Dear Diary,

For a day off, i had a pretty early start today. I had a meeting for the first half of my day with some of my production guyz at my new studio for my show! YAY!!

No, i don’t think you fully heard just pretended like you did. I said i just acquired my NEW STUDIO and boy, does it look good! Its super HUGE..Enough space for change rooms ,’backstage’, tons of foto it! You shoulda seen me, you woulda thought i jst finished doin jangolova..if you don’t know what that means, you’re not certified to be reading this blog..i joke..i joke..i understand i have some ajebutter readers

Anywayz, that was very exciting..Afterwards a chain of events happened afterwards which led me to drive a verrrry cute toy car around town to run errands, and attend more meetings. it was funn getting lost in a SMART car cuz people just feel sorry for you cuz for some reason they think of you like they see the car-A BIG JOKE- so i convineniently played helpless.

The last event i attended was a pretty small gathering maybe about 50 sumthing people and i went up to give a little presentation. and i introduced my as Ehi. Afterwards, you shoulda seen me liasing with Edo’d think we were an association.

First, a gentle man walks up to me and says: Esan weh khin? ( Are you Esan)
And i respond back tryna gather all the esan words i remember in one .
i haven’t spoken the language in years hence its so rusty. (i tried to explain..but they were judgements passed..i hope)

Then like thats not enough..another gentle man who was listening in our convo goes..Owi Irianan we khin ( Are you Irianan’s child? )
At this point ‘m like rattled + Excited..Are you serious??? Who knowz me here again?! Chai!

Anyways, it turned out most of em were from the same village as myself...know my uncles n Aunties..a mini village meeting it was..Scheww!!

The minute you’re out of your house, somebody recognizes you from somewhere and whether or not you have a conversation with em, they are watching.. I learned this early

I know i sound like your mama now, but darling, Its a tiny tiny world i tell should always be of good behaviour cuz we are all connected!

Yours Truly,
Ehi Bourgeosie.


Anonymous said...

sooo True!!!

Diamond said...

wow so true....attitude clean up time