Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mental Tuffness

Dear Diary,

Uhmm…it was Toonie Tuesday 2day!!

Much more than Kentucky Fried Chicken toonie deals, I got a blow that sprung me outta bed today…i call It a “Toonie Thought”

First off my head is working much faster than my body this morning…little toonie thoughts of money started trickling in..worries of how this bill is gonna be paid

And that bill..and oh..those stupid Telus (phone service provider) guyz keep calling me..and I need to make that call and fill that form and call that lady before the

Deadline is up..and least I forget I haven’t confirmed with that person..bla blah blah!

Before I know it, its 8am!! Goshhh, cant believe ve been up for the last 15mins getting sapped out now I’m gonna run late to work..ooh no!

But before that feeling escalates, ‘m in the shower where I get more relaxed, get a hold of myself and BREATHE!

I take control of fear n worry cuz it has no control over me and all that this thought really is, is a TOONIE, soo small so i switch gears and I focus on success..i bolster my courage..buh for that courage to come..i practice believing in myself

so i condition my mind to off set fears and limitations through Mental Tuffness and I do what I’m telling you to do right now..start speaking the word..i remind myself who I am and who’s I am..

And by the time ‘m done my affirmations, ooooh boy, I am pumped n energized and ready to GO! bring it on World!


When the mediocre toonie thoughts come sipping in, dont let it slide. Neutralize and overcome with positive affirmations.

Yours Truly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

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