Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This sounds familiar...Sounds too familiar...ahhh..if this is not dejavu i dunno what it is..this has def happened before..uhmm hmm..felt this feeling before..this exact not delusional i‘ve even heard that voice before, same tone..same words..ooh it cant be.No.....No....NO...OH HELL NOO!! NOOOO!!!

Hey darlings!
As much as i’ve been tryna run away from it..i’ve been getting bugged in my spirit to do this..but took for granted the subtlety of the message. However, this evening as i brought out my pen and diary to recount my experience and journal my thoughts for the day, I knew it was not business as Usual...that voice was soo loud today..i tell yelled SHARE! My first thought was NO!
Are you serious? You want me to Share my diary with the world and make its pages public? NOOO!!

To cut the long story, after much thought and consideration i have agreed to make 75% of my thoughts public cuz i believe i have something to share with the world. As i rampage on my daily battles and experience the joys n passions life throws at me , i promise to share most of the words that line up the pages of my Pink book and its my hope that i can learn from my experiences and impact a life to live passionately and be a bourgeois.

So Welcome to the FABulous life of Ehi


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your decision to share Ehi:)

Diamond said...

welcome ehi..looking forward to read ur posts..