Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whats your A&%

Dear Diary,

Its truly an inspiring world when you delight in it.

Once again i was greatly moved and inspired standing just outside my apt waiting for the bus to go about my daily duties and enjoy the nice weather and i see a nicely dressed lady whom i say hello to and smile and go on my way.

Anywayz, a few seconds later she joins me in the bus stop and i compliemnted her outfits and inquired to know where she did her shopping since she had on some very unique vintage pieces on and as the conversation went on, we spoke about a lot of things which led to her telling me about her grand daughter who's about my like WHAAAAT?!?

The issue of A&* especially as it applies to women has become a forbidable subject to speak on.Nowadays we hear people say you shoud never ask ask a lady her a&*..WHY??

If we'r A*&^%g proudly and beautifully, should we still be secretive about IT??

I have seen 40 year Old's that can pass for half their A*&..I have met several young at heart AND young in looks women that proudly put their a&* out know why? more than having a good gene, they take care of their bodies!!

So, you best believe i asked my new friend on the bus what her secret to her great looks were..yup..the interviewer in me came

she said to me "Honey child, treat your body like you had no duplicate"

She was right..i say to people..if you dont take care of your body, you will have no place to stay soon..

cuz your body is your temple...its your santuary..its a holy place.

Dont toss any junk in there...Fried foods..excessive meatpies and pizza..some of us just treat US like garbage bins,,put whatever you get a hold of in your FINE bougeois self

Be kind to your body..and it will be kind to you!



The reason alot of us are sensitive about our ages is either cuz we're not proud of our looks or we'r not proud of our acheivements.

If you wanna A$% gracefully and look sexy at 60, EAT RIGHT!

AGE doesnt have to be a bad word..just do your body right and you'd be proud


Anonymous said...

My first guess is 55.
How do you take care of your body?
Are you in a relationship and whats does your partner think? If not, relate this writing to how a guy looks or live will attract you to him?

Anonymous said...

..i think she's approachin late 50s. dayum ! she musta had her kids b4 20 !
In all u do and in addition to eating right..u've got to remember to exercise that body ! so y'all should be renewin ur gym memberships right about now ! a fifteen minute jog round ur neighbourhood won't kill you !