Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Dear Diary,
I had a pretty serene day today. It was my day off and I just stayed home and relaxed.

It was a quiet day and it definitely felt good to just be home and do NOTHING!
Anywayz, before I turned off my light to call it a day, I got a call from my girl friend
And before you know it, am chatting away on a conference call with two of my girls and we amongst evry thing we gisted about you know we had to bring it to the usual “MAN TALK”

Uhmm..so the dissing started..we blabbed on about how my girl should get with a certain guy and blah blah blah and of course you know they had to bring it to me eh..”so Ehi, what about you? You want to end up a nun or what? What is this forever singlehood about?”..they went on and on and me, I’m soo used to these dissing..it doesn’t even bother me again..

so they joked about how I should be shipped to Nigeria and just be driven straight to a church in a wedding dress and prior to me getting there, they woulda organized about 50 men for a competition on who was gonna win my heart..The joke is I wouldn’t have known these suitors before hand..the competition would go on without me and my girls who would be doing the selection on my behalf would have a copy of the suitors resumes,(to see his qualifications) his pictures(To see how photogenic he was) and bank statement!

And for every stage, they pass, they would wear additional piece of clothing for a groom. So maybe the first set of guyz would start up with just pants and shirts and as they proceed, they would add one more “GROOM” asessory like a bow tie then a jacket then the last set of guyz who would proceed to the final stage would get a ring and this is ALL IN ONE DAY!!

So I am expected to choose a life partner without knowing jack about him and after we get married, we start dating! Isn’t that something?
These babes are tryin to do asoebi by all means even to the extent of giving me away! lol

It sounds funny but the truth of the matter is we make decisions like this in our lives everyday!
I am in love with the idea of GET MARRIED THEN START DATING but in the dimension of keeping things groovy not when you know absolutely nothing about your beloveth and some of us claim we know our partners but when it comes down to it, we haven’t done our homework at all!!

We’ve fallen in love with the resume and the bak account and all this physical ish and forgotten the DEEEEP things we ought to be concerned about.


Whether you date then get married or you get married then start dating, which ever one you decide to do, remember to DATE

Don’t get married for the wrong reasons remember when you’re in it, you’re gonna be there for a Loooonng long Time and you’re there by yourself too

ONLY you lives with the consequences of your decision-Good or BAD

Yours in Love
Ehi Bougeoisie

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Anonymous said...

..yep..i'm feelin this..we live wit the consequences whether good or bad !..so ladies..before you go tickin off that long list of attributes u want in ur man..think !..cos they come with hidden extras..good and bad !