Thursday, April 8, 2010


Dear Diary,

As I examine my life..the last couple of dayz..the next few dayz coming up, I realize how full of LIFE ‘ve become..’m more boisterous..more energetic more cheerful than ve ever seen myself..and its just hitting me that when you do some thing you love to do, you CEASE to start LIVING!

Right now I’m focused on my next passion/project which I will announce to you in due time buh ‘m still in the conception/Planning stages so I feel its appropriate to say this now.

When starting a new project, there’s four KEY areas you must address which is what ‘m currently doing.

Search your soul for ONE thing you can absolutely not be fulfilled without doing. This is something you’re a natural love to do know how to do it..your friends always call on you to do it for them..the few times you’ve attempted a mini version of it, you KILLED it! (you rocked)

Search for ONE person you know who’s doing this thing you wanna do and find out how they’re doing it.

Now lastly, write out your thoughts and all the information you ‘ve gathered.
Now imagine money wasn’t an issue, failing wasn’t an option and resources to do this thing weren’t a problem..START doing it..Do as much as you can with what the “scraps” you have RIGHT NOW!

Lessons Learned

1)STILLNESS-Quieten down...ssshhhh..spend some time with you to hear your soul’s desire

2)VISION-An imaginative conception

3)SPONTANIETY-Recognize that the best ideas may not come to you at any specific times or in a neat package…it may not even make sense at the time you get it. but don’t despise it. Allow the flow.

4)JOURNALLING-When you write things down, you give LIFE to it.

What would you dare to do in your life if you knew you could not fail?

Your Truly,
Ehi Bougeoisie

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