Saturday, April 10, 2010


Dear Diary,

Its 2010?!?

Whoaaaaa!! Where did time fly to? We’re Old mehn!

That was my thought as I clicked through some OLD facebook pictures..

Back in the day, we had no heart aches…no problems…less stuff to worry about…Can we bring the good old dayz back?

Anywayz, that’s not my sermon today.

Today, I wanna talk about BFF’s-Best Friends Forever.

Personally, I do not believe in the term Best Friends maybe cuz I’ve recently started dreading titles..i just don’t see me giving that power to any are my Best Friend..Then what?

I think it should go without saying.

I love my friends...i have very close friends from different stages of my life with whom I share every thing with but I refuse to give out a title..

So one of my “good friends” recently moved to England and for the first couple of months, she would whine..complain…cry about how she has no friends in England…so we started devising strategies for her to meet a miss right..

And she would tell us how she mustered up courage to speak with a certain Nigerian girl at her school whom she thinks might be she dresses well…looks on her level…evrything

And now, I think about it, its sooo funny cuz the only difference between that and been picked up by a guy is that..a guy is expected to do the chasing and make the first contact but what happenes when you try to “pick up a potential best friend” ..who makes the first contact? You or her? Since ur both “fronting” females ..LOL

Seondly, while most females generally love to be surrounded by other good looking females whom they think might be on the same level with them..and be able to carry a conversation and have a lot in common with, do you notice how some other females love to generally surround them selves with females who may not look half as good..may not be on the same social strata may not even have any thing in common with..just to “SHINE” with them. Its funny but ve heard that before actually…

Ladies in their quest to stand out ,associate with people far less than them for the sole reason of outshining their so called friend..

some old skool pix of friendship before the relocation


Be on the prowl..Put your self out there

Don’t be shy to make the first can start virtually (Facebook, Twitter..)

Stop the Frontin…She’s not a guy..she might not pick up the “I –like- you- but- I –want- you- to- make- the- first- move -cues”

Go for it-Stop Over Thinking it

These were my random musing Today

Your Truly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie


Anonymous said...

How many girls actually have the gut to make the first move on men? It's very rare.

Anonymous said...

Ilove this! real talk!
p.s. UR fabulous Miss Bourgeoisie!

Kamba said...

facebook/twitter for girlfriends?! damn, that'll be so hard because um...i dunno; how about, i think its sorta creepy! typically, i think these should come naturally but then again, i'm moving to a new city & I'll be needing new girlfriends so I guess I'll have to stick with facebook to introduce us! real talk ehi!

Ope said...

Good Post Ehi.
As an extrovert, I have great conversations with strangers almost all the time. I usually can concoct some sort of witty response that is applicable to a wide range of people and personalities.Now because of that, I easily befriend people (male or female).However, I'm very conscious of my level of friendship with each person.

BOURGY said...

thank you guyz..i appreciate you reading my blog:)