Monday, April 5, 2010

When I Grow up...

Dear Diary,

Tis the season to be jolly..Tra la la la la la la lah.

I spent My Easter fulfilling one of my life’s dream for the first time. I remember growing up, i would say to my siblings..when i grow, i wanna be on T.V..i wanna have a make up Artist and a hair stylist at my beck and call and wear nice clothes and look FABulous. Really, i didn’t know what i was gonna be doin on TV..i just wanted to have the typical Glamourous life where my job is just to look good and be on TV. Well, higher self, i’m happy to announce to you that my dream of been a Talk Show Host is no more on my wish list..Its on a different list-MY REALITY list.

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it may tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come” Habakkuk 2:3

As i spoke to one of my guests on the show yesterday, we spoke about achieving one’s life purpose and calling on Earth. Alot of us need to rewind our mental tapes to 15years ago or even 20 years ago to when we were kids and we dreamed.

As pure unassuming children, we had dreamz we wanted to fulfil. We really need to backtrack to our Kinda garten(KG) classes when our teachers will call on us and say “OLu, what do you wanna be when you grow up”, and Olu says in the cutest voice
“When i grow up, i wanna be a Pilot”

Now, at that age, we are not aware of any constraints, we have no road blocks, there’s no one telling us stories of what they tried to do and Could not do hence WE CANT DO IT. Olu just know he wants to fly planes and smthg about flying planes appeals to him..maybe its the uniform, maybe its the pilots swag, maybe its the thrill of flying..something!

My challenge to you is to hold onto those dreamz, don’t let it go. Get rid of the mental constraints..the only thing that has changed since 20 yrs ago is that NOW IS THE TIME to SHINE. You’re now old enough to take the necessary actions you need to be taking.

If God put the dream in you, until you fulfill it, you will always wake up with an urge of smthg you know you shld be doing...i hear you saying..where are the resources? When that voice came up in my head..i did what i’m asking you to do right now..dont wait to have it all together..just start with what you have..the universe conspired to favour me..i have no idea where the resources came from..they just showed up in the midst of me PREPARING to be a talk show host.

In my diary 2007/2008 i had topics for my show when i didn’t know what a studio looked like! Call it insanity if you will buh yesterday, it definitely wasn’t insanity to have an entire Production crew, a sexy ass studio, Fancy ward robe and Makeup. It was BOURGY!

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Lessons Learned

You don’t have to see the entire picture to start sketching

Dont wait to be great..or to be BIG..start being BIG right now with what you have

As we don’t know how the bones of a child are formed in the womb of an expectant mother..dont try to have it all figured your part...God will send the support you need

Dont let a day pass without LIVING. (Doing smthg you’re passionate about)
WHEN I GROW UP, i wanna be FABulous and live a life of Glits & Glam and BE ON TV...What do you wanna do when you “grow up”???

Yours Truly,
Ehi Bourgeoisie


Omon Irianan said...

Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I grow up..(which is now..!)..I wanna hav people and my money work for I dont have to do any work..and have time for family and friends and drive my Lamborghini around Europe and the world ...when I grow up ..I want to be filthy rich !
Rock on sis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

honeydrops8427 said...

when i grow up i wanna be heard, i wanna be taken seriously, i want nations to hear my name n recognize it, i want to talk to people n have them feel all better............when i grow up i wanna be a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER

Stephanie Eyison said...

Ehii!!! I am very proud of u!xo

Afe Dako said...

I want that dress

Afe Dako!

BOURGY said...


poojie-poojie said...

Awwww...thats so touching, now i have to remind myself of my childhood dreams!