Sunday, November 7, 2010


Dear Diary,

“God has been go…od to me, he has been fa..ith…ful, these are the words I mutter from my sleep as I lift the covers from my face and reach for the light switch.

This first 3seconds is usually the most quiet moment of my multitasking mind and so as I skip into the shower, these are the words I hear clearly, “Ehi, as you climb up higher, lift”..

Really? Whoa!!

I’d heard this before but it just passed right into my subconscious, never gave it a second thought as it applied to me so I hardly gave it any thought or expression but this voice in my head must have fought for an audience this morning so I listened.

How many times, do we scurry through our lives, day after day, week after week. Year after year and make moves contrary to what our earthly assignment is just because we failed to listen to our heart’s GPS.

Sometimes, we hear but we don’t listen. Many of us lead busy lives..we get so occupied with ourselves, career, relationships, what to wear, what to eat, what to tweet, who to tag, who said what and who did that, so much that we trample on our still small voice that’s there to lead us and guide us.

Speaking of our inner voice, I’m a big believer that everything we ever need to know (a plaguing issue, a major decision ) we already have the answers to. If ever you need a life guide, look no further, it all lies within. How many times do we find ourselves in despondable situations where we are at our wits end like trying to decide if it’s a left or right turn or trying to decide between two equally great programs to bag a masters degree or a job in completely different cities or trying to make the big decision of a life partner amongst many suitors.

I do not know anyone who hasn’t been confronted with big decisions yet often times what happens with us is we immediately declare a state of Confusion like the rate at which the average person says “I’m Confused” or “I do not know what to do” is in itself ‘Confusing’, like, when did we all get together to agree and decide to be confused?

The truth is you possess the means within you to know all Truth and if you’re still unclear about something, its because, you have not settled down to ask yourself probing questions and if you did, you have failed to LISTEN. You know that force within that just makes you gravitate towards a particular choice even when you don’t understand why? you should seek its counsel more often, its your instinct or your 6th sense and for some, its your sub-conscious helper and for some others, the holy spirit.

It speaks all the time, the question is, do you LISTEN?

Sometimes, all we need to solve that impossible situation is settle down and get away from everyone and everything (if need be) and just spend some quality time with our selves.

The problem is not that we are confused or do not know what to do, actually we know too much and have ALL the answers but we just dont LISTEN.

So what you're saying Ehi is that i just need to be boring and lonely and i will find an answer? USUALLY? YES!

And self care/soul searching is never have lots to talk about with yourself. Try it now, turn off the TV..shut down your YES RIGHT NOw!

Clear your mind..get a blank sheet of paper and just write down your solutions and answers..write whatever comes to mind..

i'll stop typing now because i have to do the same.

Have a blessed week ahead.

Bourgy Babe.

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