Sunday, July 24, 2011

There's a book for that...too!

Dear Diary,

Enjoying a mountain view of the best the Prairies has to offer in this meek city of Calgary whilst I keep an eye on my departure gate. My flight was scheduled to leave for 6pm last gaze at the clock indicated that it was 6:03pm,still no plane….no pilot. As long as I tread the soil of Toronto tonight, I have no complaints but that is only because I have really good company.

During my family visit to Calgary, I lay hands on a relationship book titled “Things I wish I’d known before we got married” by Gary Chapman who happens to be the same author of the amazing book “The five love languages”. To tell you the truth, I only started reading this book30-flight-delay-minutes-ago but I am already in awe of the truths that exist between the covers of this skinny unassuming book.

It throws more light of the truth that love alone isn’t sufficient to keep a marriage, teaches you of the love languages everyone needs to possess and how to find your partner’s , that toilets don’t clean themselves , apologies is a sign of strength.

The little lesson I thought I’d share today is that, just as there’s an app for almost everything now, there’s a learning resource for every problem or obstacle you will ever encounter. As I read books, I’m reminded that there is absolutely nothing new under the sun..whatever obstacle I face now has been faced by some other person and some have handled it quite well and put the solutions in a book.
Are you faced with a relationship trauma? A major decision to make? a dilemma in your finances? Stay assured, There's a book for that...too!

Yours in knowledge
Bourgy Babe /boogyee beib/

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