Thursday, December 9, 2010

Make a difference today

Dear DIARY!!

Guess who’s back!!!!

I have soooooo much to tell you, so much happened while I was away and while I may not be able to capture all that has transpired in the space of 3weeks of being AWOL, I will chip em in from time to time.

Ooooh November! you bring so much treats and like that grown kid in a store, ‘ve been scooting between Aisles topping my stash with all sorts of luxuries selecting the best in all eccentricity that I completely abandoned my writing duties. Here I am after much said and done, still filled with the luxuries and pockets of joy saying the Me I was 3weeks ago is certainly not the same person today. I have stretched my mind and I have metamorphosed and I’m just waiting for my reality to catch up with my mind.

In the last three weeks, I’ve gotten promoted thrice, changed houses, succeeded in a few projects and achieved quite a lot some of which too personal to spew here all in my mind and I’m just waiting for my reality to catch up. To tell you the truth, despite it all happening in my mind, I feel as though its all happened and its just as real to me.

Anywayz, one of the promotions already happened in mind and in FACT and yesterday while at work in my new capacity, I said to myself, “Ehi, you are an amazing social worker but we’ll find you another field to utilize your talents”

So as a social worker bulk of my job responsibilities turns out to be emotional .As I provide services, I attempt to encourage, heal and lift but yesterday was in fact daunting. You think after 2years, I should have seen it all and heard it all and I thought so too but no amount of experience could have prepared me for yesterday’s ordeal. Raw pain, unedited and brutal hurt. Just Imagine having a fresh wound with a huge pound of flesh dangling along and been hooked to a truck in a wedged road in Africa and just dragged along until all your genital parts have been ripped and filed flat but the tragic part is you don’t’re left in your own wounds with hot pepper poured on it!

Due to the disturbing and graphic content of it, I’ll stop painting the picture now but this was a quarter of what I heard yesterday, yes, people have some major challenges and after bawling my eyes out (which you should never do before a client) I was glad for the life I had, but I concluded I could not continue in this field for too much longer.

Yes, I’m resigning but I will continue serving in that capacity for my personal projects in the future and hopefully gather some emotional tenacity when that time comes along.

But remember, I said I got promoted thrice in my mind, don’t be worried for me I have two other levels that are not social work and haven’t manifested so I’ll update you when I resume my new jobs.

After seeing two clients yesterday and crying so much I also feel so much rewarded as their hard lives became a little easier to deal with because they met with me.

Yesterday, amongst other obvious lessons, I learned that while sharing tears and getting involved in others pain and hurt is great but what is also great is been able to do something about it and make an impact in their lives.

I’ll like to hear some of your experiences with empathy please share!

Have a fabulous day and Make a difference today!

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