Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Dear Diary,
Its been a while…but a really good while.
Shall I summarize what’s been going on with me or shall I just put it off and take it one step at a time?

Lets see some top highlights of my week…

So the week started off very adventurous…demands from work, personal demands, relationship/friendship demands, christmas demands...just overwhelming it was that I wanted Jan 1st 2011 to just come already.

Tuesday, I had to move apartments and I only made up my mind hours before then…talk about Stressful

On Thursday, after a very looong day at work and a long week I make a quick stop at the mall to shop for a specific trench coat for him. Store after store, coat after coat, no luck..none seemed to be the right one. 2hours later, I’m now tired, famished and disappointed and decide to check one last store before taking a hike and lo and behold some two hefty, Pidgin- english- speaking-guyz walked right by me and hollered “Hey Sexy” and I just walked right by them into Zara without returning glances or even responding to their bellow and this excuse of a human being actually said to his buddy “see dis one no even get yansh and she still dey make shakara”
Without even thinking twice or editing my thoughts I just fired back at him “you dey craze; you dey kolo; somtin dey wori you; your fada! idiot!!!” in the most uncouth manner

*breathe ehi* *breathe*
The look on his face was priceless! He was not just astounded, his face was covered in shame and humiliation.

LOL..LOL..i just burst out laughing…oooh lord, I need to chill but I needed to give it to that man raw and unedited straight from my heart..if I no get yansh, why r you bugging me? *hiss*

So that was me on Thursday…lashing out at everyone that crossed my path.
So rewinding back to Tuesday, I got some movers and they must have bagged a degree in incompetency because they did a great job at been inept. These movers show up 3hours after scheduled time, cant move a box spring and in the course of moving, one of them actually charged at me and swore at me because I told him he could not abandon my bed by the elevator! After much complaining and pretending to call 911, WE (I did most of the lifting) finanlly moved by 9:30pm!

So, its been a tiring week and today at a family Christmas gathering, overfed and with an aching body, I sneak off to do some writing and I feel relieved and grateful for the season.

Have yourself a lovely Merry Christmas.

-Bourgy Babe

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