Saturday, December 25, 2010

deuces 2010!

Dear Diary,

It’s been a great 2010 and I’m happy about my accomplishments and achievements thus far…you know I never make new year resolutions and the simple reason for that is that I never follow through and I don’t like to live with the fact that I set a goal and not attain it plus everyday is a learning experience , I set new goals on a daily basis.

Anyways, I set some new levels for myself in the year 2010 and recently just doing a run through of the year, the closest word to how I feel is “GRATEFUL” and that doesn’t even fully describe how I feel. I am thankful and even as this year ends in a BANG I look forward with much excitement to what 2011 holds for me.

Today’s post I’d like to recall some practices that worked well in 2010 and which I will def continue to imbibe in 2011.

Trusting and relying heavily on God-He’s written the script to our lives and without his permission, the plot cannot be changed. Nuff said!

Journal-ling-The perks of writing goes beyond an outlet to vent off and rant..for me the art of writing multitasks as a means to analyze and appraise myself as well as an avenue to deal with situations that may be too hard to face head on and of course as a mode of self expression

Self Confession-I have a routine of confessions that I self profess a couple of times as I go through my day and I cant tell you how much I’ve accomplished as a result. There has been a mental shift and in my mind’s eye, I have been places, I have acquired properties and I’m just waiting on my reality to catch up with my mind.

Visualizing –In 2010, I updated my vision board twice and its been amazing!

Okay that’s all I’ll share for now.

Bourgy Babe

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