Saturday, January 1, 2011



I haven’t felt this way since last year (I've waited so long to say that)

47…46…45.. the countdown went in the living Arts Centre where I worshipped in the massive auditorium with 1675 other brethren all thrilled and eager to enter the new year with Praise and Thanksgiving.

Its 10:05pm, December 31st and I’m standing shivering and shuddering in the cold as my tights and ‘cute’ mini skirt will not shield me from the fierce wind. Well, thankfully I’m not alone. My friend Uwa and her sister are also with me by the curb of this highway 401 West and the cars are racing swiftly like there’s a hot chase of 2011 down the road.

As they rushed past, car after car. I wondered aloud, “will anyone even stop”, “Does anyone even care to find out why there’s three young ladies stranded and helpless on the highway” So, it was only a few minutes after we set out for new year’s eve service that the car ceased and just refused to move.

Are you serious”? uhmm, the devil is a Liar! My friend exclaimed after a few minutes standing there and feeling sorry for myself that i wont be able to glide into the new year in grand style with other congregants, I began to think of Nigeria and how I would have found a fellow or two to push the car to start…dannng!!!

Next car zooms past, *splashes water* and I snap out of my thought.

11:00pm, so like joke like joke, I wont go to church tonight??

Anyways, after a few calls and distress messages, we finally get help from a friend abandoning the car for tow and off we went, on our merry way to church.

The Living Arts Centre was packed, I was definitely destined to sit in overflow today and watch a screen and so it was..just as predicted and within 3seconds and after a few raps, I was bumped to the front row in a very comfy sit.

its a little past 11pm on the last day of 2010 and despite it all I made it to church and I’m grateful. Its just in time for praise, I asked the greying gentleman behind me who couldn't have been much less than 60 if it was okay for me to get crazy and occupy some of the extra space to dance off 2010. With a sweep of his arms, he said, "Please! Be my guest." So praise and thanksgiving I did….4…3….2…1..HAPPPY TWO THOUSAND AND ELEVEN!!

Its been an amazing last year and I am excited and ready for what 2011 has to offer because I am convinced it will be a memorable year.

Have a good year ahead!

Remember, what it will turn out to be is entirely up to you. Play an active role in your life this year. Take the drivers seat.

Yours Anew

Bourgy Babe

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