Tuesday, January 25, 2011

...With Purpose and Intention

Dear Diary,

It’s the last week of January 2011 ALREADY!..now I definitely know how 2010 flew by..its the Mondays which become Fridays that become Mondays again only to be Fridays 4 times in a row..on 12 occasions.

As the first month goes by, I’m reminded of those resolutions that i gladly committed myself to..lose 5ibs by January end, Earn this amount by January 31st, Take that exam by January 31st,Fix that issue by January 31ST?!?

Was I crazy? Like what the hell was I thinking? Now, I have all these deadlines , lofty goals and high sounding ambitions to achieve all before January 31st!!! who sent me message? I was really fine the way I was..i mean I’m not fat..by any standard..am not poor in any currency…my job is treating me very well..i mean what issue do you speak of Ehi? Why fix it if it aint broken?

No, do you understand where I’m coming from though? Its friggin January 25th and I’m supposed to space shift you a new job in 5days? Or wave my magic wand to get a J-lo body in a flash?

Ooh what the heck? I’ll still be fine..God is good, All the time!

But NAhhhhh, I cant sit still guyz..i just cant..looking at my Calendar and the little note book where I have my January goals this morning, I just cant bring myself to pretend I do not deserve better .

Yesterday, I got some disappointing news about a huge opportunity I was hinging on however, I have met my weight goals for the month so that piece of accomplishment keeps me going so its all good.

Anyways, I’m currently reading a book on real estate by Gary Keller and its an excellent read so far and something that struck me whilst reading this book is that “Champions take the luck out” .What this means to me is that successful people DO NOT consider luck or even acknowledge it because, lets face it, you may never get lucky but the chances that you will be successful are very high if/when you follow proven strategies and time tested models.

I’m learning that there is always a better way to do everything…change your approach and you ‘ll see a result, change it for the better, and you’ll get an even better result.It might be a little tasking to always utilize a better approach but guess what brings the best result? the best approach! with purpose and intention.

It was very interesting to realize that everything I’m working on and every challenge I’m facing, there’s a person who’s been in my shoes before and succeeded…so my only intention is to find out HOW and the BEST approach to go about it. My question to you is why grope in your darkness and mistakes when someone else has already made the mistake on your behalf?

Look for proven strategies and time tested models...they are in books, they’re online..they work with you..some of them take dance classes with you. ASK them!
Stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before you..its no use re-inventing the wheel.

Achieve the BEST results with Purpose and Intention

Honestly Speaking,
Bourgy Babe /boo-gyee beib/

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