Monday, January 3, 2011


Dear Diary,

Hearing the phrase ”Arise and Shine for thy light has come and the glory of God is risen upon you” again from the holy book, something seemed to ring through to me…a little different this time..maybe more compelling and requiring some sort of action on my part...

Haven't I been shining before? Why does it matter that the holy book, which Is one book that holds the most cogent information about my life instructs me to shine?
Just borrowing another scripture again, it even says somewhere that if we don’t praise God, he will command rocks to cry out in our place...

You know what I’m gathering as I prepare for lights out and call it a day? That God makes no apologies for his creation.

If he says to you “Cynthia, Arise and Shine” and you refuse to, he will look for some one else to Shine and give him the glory.

The stars don’t need to beg to shine…they just shine.
Dogs don’t fuss to be Loyal animals..they are just made that way by default.
You don’t need to struggle to succeed, you are already wired to succeed!
You only need to take the necessary steps to succeed.

How did I start thinking along these lines?
Oooh I remember..its now 1:31am Jan 3rd and I’m drawing up my goals for 2011 and I’ve written down A LOT! Some of which frighten where did I get the boldness to think this BIG?

My vision board excites me much! And when I glanced at my goals and a whim of fright came close, I remembered that my only job in 2011 was to shine and I
have the ability to do just that because Ehi=Light and so its redundant to say, Ehi may shine..or Ehi will soon, because EHi already equals Light..i shine automatically..You too!

What are your goals for the new year? Care to write it out and declare it?

Take it a step further..represent it pictorially…capture it and confess it.


I wish you all of that and more in 2011

Have a Glorious day/Week

Yours sincerely,

Bourgy Babe

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oluSimeon said...

thanks for sharing..
have you got someone..that kinda holding you accountable apart from yourself..that will help,
not written down my goals but I will now..