Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gift of Expression

Dear Diary,

I am blessed!

I'm so glad right now...and you know how expressive i get when i'm in this mood.

Thank you for the gift of expression. Thank you for being there to listen when i need

to rant, cry or just praise. I always wonder what my life would have been like if i

didnt have an avenue to pen these words...i've now been consistently writing about

my feelings, my thoughts and my dreams for about 4.5 years and i'm awed at how long

i've come.

Friday at work , i caught my colleague staring at intently that i felt the

energy on my skin and it prompted me to look her soon as i eyes

beheld hers, i knew she meant no harm.

Well, it turns out, she has the ability to read one's personalities by staring right

into your eyes..and she said to me "Ehi, you're very Emotional eh"

Huh? what? i was taken aback for a split second..almost feeling

could she tell?

And i said (whilst ruffling some papers trying to act busy) yes Naureen, i am.

I waited 3seconds for her to say something else..well...4seconds seemed too long to

me at this point.."erm, Naureen how do you know that"

I read your eyes...*sigh*

Feeling relieved that she had not found out through another method and hoping she doesnt know about, i enquired more of her.."What else do you know Naureen"

She proceeded on to stare at me for 10 straight seconds and said "You have a very large heart" well, she went on to tell me how i'm very sympathetic and all these other traits and boy was she accurate?


Its interesting how much emotion i display in the span of 24hours, i cry alot..i laugh a lot...i generally always make sure i'm happy as its my number one responsibility as i go through my day and i take my happyness very seriously.

Ever since i started to live consciously i began to see the truth to the fact that what i hold in my mind is what shows up in my life and i take responsibility for that

Well, that is all i wanted to say.

Best Regards,
Bourgy Babe /boo-gyee-beib/

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