Friday, January 21, 2011

Good Luck on your Union!

Dear Diary,

I recently read an write-up in the local newspaper that claimed that fewer people where engaging in the act of marriage, more Canadians have chosen to co-exist with their partners, and split responsibilities like make babies and pay the mortgage without opting for the majestic walk down the aisle.

Just incase you were thinking to yourself, well its because they are Canadians and they might not necessarily appreciate the institution of marriage well, I ‘d say to you, say no more.

If ever there was a new fear to be added to the list of Phobias, I think Marriage is due to make the cut. More and more people including people from African Origin are now shying away from the holy epidemic that’s been long known to solve problems of loneliness ,heal wounds and fill a companionship void, is now in fact turning out to be a huge disease that’s cut deep to the very ligament that’s held it for centuries, Religion.

We are living in times where the rate of divorce Is higher than the fluctuation of the Nigerian Naira..its so bad that the business of divorce has moved from dormancy to been very lucrative.

I do not believe in “irreconcilable differences” I think divorce is made up of two partners unwilling to stay together not unable to be together.
And while we’re at the issue of divorce, do you sometimes find yourself in a situation where your friend whom you know and love announces to you that she’s ready to tie the knot with a man whom you know and are sure will definetely bring her tears and unhapppyness?

There’s obviously some people that need to be told “Good luck” when it concerns the issue of marriage and others should definitely be congratulated.

I hope we all get to end up with spouses that we will be congratulated for.
I wanted to share what was on my radar in the past few days.

Yours Truly
Bourgy Babe
/boo-gyee beib/


Sele Akobo(curvyice) said...

I understand ur ssentiments and I have pondered tht fr quuite sometime.taking it back to nigeria, the fact that young women marry men they very well know will bring them grief n unhappiness is a directly propoortional to the pressure society pplaces on women to be hitched. Our society tells us; despite all ur achievements ure nothing if u aint married. Lots of men therefore think they r gifts to women n don't bring nothing more than their name n grief to the union Thus a lot of ladies sign away their rights to happiness the day that sign the dotted lines. I hope we get our acts together n not be goodluck brides.

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

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