Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Last Word

Dear Diary,
I can NEVER win an argument! I can NEVER win an argument!! I can NEVER win an argument!!!

*say this 3times when you wake up every day Ehi*

So I got in an unnecessary battle with words today with a partner/friend..i cant tell you how terrible I felt after wards..why do we always try to have the last word? No one is giving me a dime to have the last say but when I’m in a fury, I can do whatever it takes to say the last “whatever” or kiss the last teeth

So I wake up this morning to find out I have a major conflict on my schedule between two commitments, one was a personal appointment but of HIGH importance and the other? A speaking engagement, which I had given my word to about a month ago.
I pick up my phone and make a quick phone call to my partner and say hey listen, I cant make this personal engagement only because I’m already committed to something else and I have been for the last month or so..Anywayz, to cut the long story short, this personal important meeting of mine only came up 3days ago and I felt that since I had given my word out for the speaking engagement, I MUST commit to it and deliver but my partner was of the opinion that this personal project was hella important and anything else coming in the way could take a back seat. We seemed to differ in our reasoning and I’d be damned to shut up and listen to this foolishness hence I figured it was a better idea to rant and ramble and argue and talk back and exercise my right of speech so I did just that!

Boy, did it feel good to have the last word and teach somebody a lesson of a lifetime but this “glorious” feeling didn’t last too long as literally 3seconds after I hung up, it dawned on me Not a damn thing was resolved, not a solution found..infact if ever a time I felt drained, it was now!

So sitting here in this office ready to pack off for the weekend, I can tell you, I NEVER everrrr never eveeerrrr want to have the last word AGAIN!! Its up for grabs..Take it if you so desire

Winning only happens when we all win…its not about blames, its about understanding and finding solutions. I only wanted to be heard so I turned to yelling and raising the roof top


You can never come to an amicable conclusion or find a solution with an augument..give up the thrill of having the last word
So I know this is no cookie cutter or fly-by-night dose but I’ll keeping taking it daily and learning

Yours Sincerely
Ehi Bourgeoisie

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