Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blue Blood

Dear diary,

Today, I had a phone conversation with a person which led him to talk about a certain princess from Africa.

Initially, when he said it, I chuckled within as I have not heard the term “Princess” used in a serious manner in a long time. Before now, my friends and I would use the expression 'Are you a princess' when someone acted like a diva or wanted everything done for them and today the reason I chuckled was because my mind immediately connected with that joke.

In my quiet time as I meditated and searched my thoughts, it got me thinking even more seriously that whoever that princess is must have gotten herself accustomed to that term/ title..Its probably not an ‘LOL‘moment when somebody addresses her as princess as it was for me this afternoon.

I am not blind to the fact that this regal title may or may not make her feel any different from the rest of us regulars as I know there are wretched and miserable royals. So I want to focus on the type of royalty that makes one talk, act and attract magnificence and brilliance to their lives.

Even a common person can tell you that a crown does not make a Princess, afterall how does a tiara made of metallic materials make one a princess..its the doors that are open and the result of the status of that title that bring the royaalty..hence my scribble today..

There's a princess in every one of us..Talk like one..Act like one..dress like one..associate with fellow royalty and royal things will happen to you.

soverignty is inherent in each of us and you and i were born royals but sometimes we forget to walk in it hence mediocrity happens to us

Forget the title, Royalty is a state of mind..if you feel like blue blood then you will be treated as such

An excuse to show you my hair..'m making progress! lol

So lets wear our imaginative tiara's and get your bourgy act are royalty!

Yours in Magnificence
Ehi Bourgeoisie

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Ebuka Anichebe said...

Great article. Very inspirational! Me likey