Friday, August 6, 2010

Realistically Speaking

Dear Diary,

I get it! I finally get it!!

I think I do…I hope I do..its pretty clear to me now so I’m sure I do.
So how many times have I made up a list about my ideal man..i do it evry so often..and I renew this list at least once in 3mths..yup..yup..that’s how much of a “hopeless Romantic” I am..

This list gets revised with just about evry other Romance Comedy I watch and the more I build these castles, the more I realize imma have to MAKE my own MAN cuz he don’t exist!

Not surprisingly, I never deemed any MAN fit to date him hence I was hardly in any relationship..aNYwayz, as time went on , It became clear to me that there was no such thing as Mr/Ms other words, there’s no PERFECT partner although there could be one just PERFECT for you.

In my critical study of relationships and whilst trying to observe my ideal relationships, I’m learning to NOT believe everything I see hook line and sinker…Sure, they look “CUTE” together but what they aren’t telling you is how hard they have to work to stay “CUTE” doubt they have hearts that beat as one and their attraction for each other is inseparable but you’re not there when they have to make sacrifices or forfeit personal luxuries to get that relationship to the perfect level.

So, making lists of qualities your ideal partner should possess is great however, I’m gradually learning that the only other thing worse than settling for less, is building castles in the air. I’m learning that what some of us do is wish for people we could not be..

In the study of human behavior, we are thought that if we want to be loved, we should love..if you need a friend, be a the same light can I just say that if we are going to make a list of attributes, please be worthy and first BE that list.

I was wasting my time focused on finding Mr. HIM and I completely forgot about making ME Ms. Perfect for Mr. Perfect. !

I learned that it was easier to work on personal growth and development to embellish the quality of people I was attracting than try to look for Mr. Perfect
Correct me if I’m wrong but how many times do you glance through that list and scoff cuz you know you aint even half the attributes or achievements you’re asking for..Too many times!

This is the theory I live by, establish yourself to the level of desirable attributes on your “list” and dont worry, whatever level you find yourself, there will be somebody for you.

So what do you think? Think i get it?

Please share your thoughts...

Realistically Speaking
Ehi Bourgeoisie

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