Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Overused S-Word

Dear Diary,

I almost got caught stressing…this week started off nicely as it was ushered in from a sparkling weekend…I played so much over the weekend, spent time with great people, ate good food, enjoyed good music..lets just say I was in a good place.
The new work week rolled in and I managed to keep the momentum and maintained my groove with harmony and perfect contentment with myself and my life until a few moments ago

Some things are not working quite as smoothly as I would have loved them to go, a few disappointments, over load from work, and before I realized, it was a chain of negative events brought about by my own thoughts and suddenly “I am stressed”
Now, the bad thing about this is that my mental dispensation is changed from blissful to gloomy but the great thing about this is, I am aware of the switch and I’m in search of opportunities to switch gears. While I’m still sulking about this and that, and waiting on my bus to arrive, I catch sight of a gentleman who’s also in the bus stop speaking on the phone in the heaviest Nigerian Igbo accent.

This gentleman totally made my day..Now, I’m chuckling and giggling at the odd conversation he’s having with someone probably in Nigeria and in a few minutes, I’m restored back to my old happy self.

Aside from his convo and igbo accent, something else about him straightened my frown and it was the envelope he held in his hands…it was an envelope I recognize as been from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Oooh that explains the ferocious argument he’s having with whomever he’s talking to…oh boy, dude is probably facing a serious immigration challenge and here I was getting irritated over smack!

I think that just did it for me!

Sometimes, we are stressed because “coffee spilled on my white shirt “or “my car broke down and I hate the bus” or the most recent I heard “I asked for double-double and the server at Tim Hortons gave me double -triple” or “I got a parking ticket” so we say I AM STRESSED!

I learned something today,dont be too quick to declare the 'S'word.. save the “STRESS” word for when you really need it and I hope you really wouldn’t need it.
Its very much similar to sick days eh…some days you have a head ache or a stomach ache but you manage to go in to work because you know that you may really need that sick day for a more serious issue. Just typing this remind me of what a friend said, "I used up all my sick days so I called in DEAD!"

When you constantly refer to yourself as STRESSED, you will always get a good reason to stay in that state so you can rightly justify the word and its use.

Yours in harmony,
Ehi Bourgeoisie

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