Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fake it till you Make it

Dear Diary,

Its great to feel in high esteem…I remember what I coined Ehi’s Mantra for a while...”Fake it till you make it”..i actually bring that phrase to mind frequently when I am opportuned to be in the ”Right Company”

For me, I’m in the “Right Company” when I’m in an extremely posh and upscale place in the midst of people whom I aspire to be. For a long time, the right company was extremely uncomfortable as I could not speak in abbreviated language or slangs as I usually do, most people here are well dressed and carry themselves with poise and decorum…if you’re having dinner, table manners are in unconscious enforcement, and the idea of prim and proper is in full effect. Do not be mistaken, I am apt and proper all the time when I need to be but when i go out to play tennis or have drinks, I am in the most relaxed mood and I want to be hassle free.

So writing this, I remember when I would go out with my dad to some high end functions with ‘knowledgeable’ people who were much older than me and would somehow find myself in some guarded area or what we’ve now come to know as VIP area, I remember feeling intimidated and panicky.

That was when I was a child and knew nothing. Recently I had the chance of being in the “right Company” and that childhood feeling of anxiety was about coming back and you know how the mind works, i thought the most discouraging things...(you weren’t even invited..Somebody is gonna come send you away..) and I just paused…thought for a second and said I belong here and I just blended right in and it felt good.

I think of my friend who told me a story of how he found himself in some big music awards show. Although he didn’t have an invite, he wanted to be there and so he composed himself and walked through the gates chatting up with celebrities like Paris Hilton exuding poise and self assurance and he really just blended in so much that it would have been jeopardizing to security to ask if he had a pass!

Lessons Learned
Every time you find yourself in a place that seems like “Right Company” and you’re tempted to feel uncomfortable…Ask yourself this question...Why can’t I belong here? Who says I can’t be crème de la crème? Act like a Bourgeois till you feel like one.
So if you don’t feel like you belong to OUR league of the High and Mighty, I say Fake it till you Make it!

Loyally Speaking
Ehi Bourgeoisie

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Diamond said...

lol..i love this..will surely do it