Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who are you? What do you do and Why should i care?

Dear Diary,

Yes..i know I have been away for quite sometime..i take full responsibility for my absence although I have not a laptop anymore so hence ‘m not as regular.
Anywayz, I’m excited to share some of my life with you again, my abstract, lifeless lover.

Uhmm..what have I learned lately? LOTS!

Okay chronologically, lets backtrack..uhmm…I have been out and about..literally outdoors at least 12hours everyday!

So I have been hosting and organizing lots of events, shows and parties and its just been a sweet pleasure all the way.

I have been speaking publicly and loving it since.. forever..yea..you too!!
When I tell people this, they go huh? I could never love doing presentations or public speaking..

Did you know that the fear of Public Speaking was rated people’s #1 worst night mare and death #2?
That means that the average person would rather die than be caught speaking before an audience.

I found this intriguing and somewhat psychological because the only difference between a dialogue to your friends, family and even colleagues and an audience is the fact that an audience is a collection of all your friends, family and colleagues gathered together at the same place and time!

I have hosted events with very aloof crowd as well as events with very enthusiastic crowd and everything in between those extremes and my only purpose when I am on stage Is to give you value for your time.

So I spent last two weekends and last weekend hosting a fashion show and a baby shower respectively and I just love what I do for a hobby. Keep in mind that I did not always look forward to speaking to large numbers of people but as I grew in age, maturity and experience, I learned that while the job of a host might be intimidating, if you have something to say, and value to add, people will love you and listen to you.

I give you an example, so I attended a wedding last Saturday and the host made a grammatical blunder which was pretty obvious and for a few seconds, I cringed then I raised my head to see the crowd’s reaction and most folks had their heads bowed. Why do you think people squirm when such happens? In my opinion, most people are embarrassed on your behalf and wished you didn’t blow it!


So In my duties as a host to my friends and my “collection of friends”, I learned that to be successful in Public Speaking, you have to come to the realization that every one is your friend and they are rooting for you

Before I ever open my mouth to say anything as a private or public speaker, I have to ask myself these questions. Am I adding value to the next person? Can they relate to me? Have I left them on a different plain or are we on equal grounds?

When people agree to lend me their time to listen to me, they are only asking three questions. Who are you? What do you do and Why should i care?

Yours Sincerly
Ehi Bourgeoisie

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