Friday, July 30, 2010

some Tongue Lashing

Dear Diary,

It’s a chilled day for me…no work..just a few am home and my friend decides she’s tired of my braids and volunteers to take it which I oblige.
Evry black girl who is been honest with you will tell you after death, her topmost fear is stuntedhairgrowth phobia…so as I took out my hair..braid by braid, my anxiety attack panicing and fretting..wondering if my hair grew…ooh it better have.. at least an inch.

My Natural hair Right after taking off the braids

You know the next thought that occurred to me was I do not have to plead with my eyes to see or my heart to beat or cajole my nails to grow..why the heck do I stress so much for my hair to grow? #Randomthought

Eventually, I took out my braids and it grew..a strandy bit and as I stood infront of my mirror all I wanted to do was to have a conversation with my lovely hair and speak LIFE into it.

So I started affirming and speaking life to my hair and as I did it, you woulda thought I was going crazy..and I am reminded of a comment my friend made yesterday “A beggar has no choice” and even if he was being ‘proverbial’ I dont think its ever okay to confess something that does not represent you. Are you a Beggar??

So I have affirmations that I confess whenever I remember..”I am prosperous” “ I am fruitful” “I am going very far” I stood before my mirror today and did exact same thing to my hair..i blessed my scalp and I spoke LIFE.

I wonder if God granted all our wishes according to the words of our mouth, some people will be doomed because we have said rubbish and spoken ill of ourselves out of frustration or resentment

Remember, the power of LIFE and death lies in your tongue..use your mouth to speak LIFE..

It may not be your hair..maybe its something more serious..DONT ever say,” I cant get a job that great” or ”All men cheat, why wouldn’t mine?” Or “ I am broke” or “my life is over” or “ FML (F*** my life) “
So , lets do some Tongue Lashing..for good

Ehi Bourgeoisie


Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

Word! I should speak more life!

Anonymous said...

i def agree, It not only the big things we shld speak LIFE into,God is still concerned about the smallest things we hope for.And i def want my hair to grow,esp d annoying front hair*smiles*

authorsoundsbetterthanwriter said...

I love your hair. How long have you been growing it for?

Hawt said...

so true...i'm very big on affirmations too cos words are so powerful.

Bourgy Babe said...

've had my hair natural for about 2yrs..i wanna take better care of it now though..

Thank you for reading guyz :)

Bourgy Babe said...

've had my hair natural for about 2yrs..i wanna take better care of it now though..

Thank you for reading guyz :)