Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Loving Life

Dear Diary,

I’m a BIG fan of life…Aimer la vie!

Okay, just a few exciting things in my life.

Its that time of the year for me where the year just feels old and far gone (which Is a good thing for me as that often happens when I have a lot under my belt.)

I’m just in the mood to try new and exciting things and every now and then, I have to do that or I’d get bored of living in my Its NOT business as usual in my meals, outfits, appearance, outings, decisions. relationships

So, ‘m eating different things…I got bored of my old menu so I decided to go more Canadian so what I’ve actually been doing is picking up the dailies and preparing the meals exactly as it shows on the newspaper..Today, I had a spinach chicken wrap with mango chutney sauce…buh I did my own thing with the spice..extra spicy.It was delicio!!

I have also been shopping differently…I’m actually getting inspired from the streets of Toronto! Shopping is more fun these days cuz ‘m staying open minded and it will amaze you what you get when you go into stores you never shop in! ‘m also enjoying shopping less in the malls and putting my ish together from random stores on corner streets! I love the thrill of going in fingers crossed..cuz it could be some really good finds or jst nonsense! Nothing

‘m also keeping fit in an unusual manner..and it kills all excuses of execising. Instead of expensive gym memberships, ‘m running up the stairs in my apartment! I was excited to “discover” this “BRILLIANT technique” of erasing all excuses to exercise. I run up and down the stairs for about 30mins and I feel like WHOA!

Oh and one more thing, ‘m more than inspired to continue my French lessons. I was sooo green with envy when evry one at the business conference I attended over the weekend was Bilingual.

French + Bourgeois = SEXY


I hear too many people complain about how they’re bored and there’s nothing to do. The reason they feel that way is cuz they have completely neglected to harness their creative faculty.

Life gets sooo exciting when you try different things-I challenge you today. Take a different route to work or to school. Date outside your race. Go salsa dancing. Take Zumba classes. Cook something different. Organize a Pyjamas party and just tell stories.Tie a Gele head tie. Read a fascinating book. Get a pet. Learn an instrument. Volunteer someplace fun.There’s soo much you can do.

Love Life and Stay a Bourgeoise!

Yours Sincerely,
Ehi Bourgeoisie


Anonymous said...

Good stuff Ehi!!

'd def try a diff menu..maybe indian? uhmm

Kamba said...

I like this post!